Friday, November 6, 2015

Candy Club Review, October 2015 + $20 First Box Discount Codes!

Can you stand one more candy review?  I'm just coming to the end of a Candy Club subscription so this may be my last one for a while.  With their custom packaging, Candy Club does a beautiful job of presentation and they always come up with interesting new candies.  However, their emphasis during the term of my subscription has been on sour candies, which are really not my favorite.  Since most of this candy gets gifted, I'm sure the recipients would like to see less sour candy as well!

Like many subscriptions, there are significant discounts for longer terms.  A monthly shipment is $27.99, a six month commitment gets the monthly rate down to $22.99 and an annual plan gets the lowest rate of all, which is $19.99. There is a flat shipping charge of $6.00 per box, regardless of plan. Each box contains three of their signature containers plus a very generous handful of loose candy. 

This month, the loose candies are individually wrapped caramels.  I've helped myself to a few and they are really soft and delicious, probably my favorite of all the loose candies Candy Club has sent.

Since these candy containers will be going to others, I have not opened them. Hopefully, the photos will give a pretty good idea of what's inside though. The first candy is Gimbal's Cherry Soft Chews. I thought I'd received these before but I'm pretty sure those were sour, which these (thankfully) are not. This round disc shape is pretty common for Candy Club but the flavors can be vastly different.  

Next are Sour Patch Green Apple Gummies from Mondelez.  They have a very fine sugar coating which should offset the sour apple flavor.  And they are pretty!

The third container holds Gimbal's Gourmet Jelly Beans in flavors that include wild cherry, tangerine, green apple and pink grapefruit.  Since these are not sour, Santa may keep them for him/her self!

This month's box was different in that only one of the containers was full of sour candy. Almost all previous boxes have held two sour candies and one non-sour. That's a nice change as far as I'm concerned. Apparently, I'm not the only one who was receiving too much of one kind of candy.  Candy Club has recently introduced taste profiles that give you a little control over what you receive. You can choose from:

  • Club Classics - Timeless, nostalgic and hard-to-find retro confections
  • Club Sours & More - Mouth-puckering zest, sour belts, unique gummies and trendy candies
  • Club Favorites - A mix of sweet, sour, fruity, savory, hard and chewy

Although I'm taking a break for now, I may return at a later date and sign up for the Club Classics which looks like it contains the least sour candies. Candy Club seems to have an endless variety of sweets so the fun factor is high and there's not much risk of getting the same thing twice.  (At least not in my limited experience)

If you're interested in trying Candy Club, there is a $20 discount link on their Facebook page that is good through November 10th.  If you miss that, there are usually discount codes around for $20 off your first box.  Try scary-p, wonder-p, swnso-p, apples-p or just Google "Candy Club Discount Code" for current codes.

It's been fun Candy Club!


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